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Select a category depending on what you are looking for, but note that the ads are aimed mainly at people living in or visiting Australia! If you are interested in free gay asian personals then visit dreaded ned's explore gay thailand, or for other personals see the personals links page!

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Gay men seeking gay men:

14343 ads, last ad 19-Jun-17
857 ads, last ad 18-Jun-17
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371 ads, last ad 21-May-17
261 ads, last ad 22-Jun-17

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162 ads, last ad 17-Mar-17
25 ads, last ad 16-Feb-17
0 ads
12 ads, last ad 16-Nov-15
3 ads, last ad 1-Apr-15


1879 ads, last ad 22-Jun-17
Mixed (M/F)
446 ads, last ad 13-Mar-17
103 ads, last ad 5-Jun-17


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